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Offline Editing

High performance digital nonlinear editing, Virtual Native support for all formats SD or fully uncompressed HD are services offered by LZRD’s professionals and their expertise that are gained through many years of experience with FinalCut Pro.

 LZRD offline editing services include Real Time multi stream Architecture and Advanced Color Correction.  Final Cut Pro is organically integrated with other Final Cut Pro Studio applications; DVD Studio Pro 4, Soundtrack Pro, Live Type and Motion.

Online Editing

Actual real-time ordering of the essential footage scenery that takes place along with removing unnecessary elements. Whether it is for a long form broadcast or commercials, promos & title sequences, LZRD aims on delivering sophisticated VFX, seamless media management, and storage facilities to comprehensively post produce any SD, HD or 3D project.

Color Grading

Color Grading is a highly reviving stage in the streaming spectrum of the post production process, to project a harmonic thread of footages; involving the viewer in a sequenced emotional and dramatic mood.

 Color grading process flows by enhancing footages visual details with precision to ensure a constant harmonic color balance throughout the entire footage(s), to the creation of a final output that reflects the creative vision and project an array of moods to communicate with the audience.

LZRD is proud to include the Davinci resolve to its set of technological equipment, a smart solution to keeps up with real time operations that supports all ranges of nonlinear grading suits from SD, HD to 2K resolution environments.

VFX, Finalizing & Mastering

The visual effects (vfx) addition process includes skilled integration between live action footages and generated imagery to produce high-end quality scenes as a turnaround costly, dangerous and/or impossible to capture footages.

LZRD post production platform offers VFX, Finalizing and mastering phases; 3D tracking, realistic compositing, Matchbox Timeline, Sparks Compatibility, ConnectFX node-based compositing, 3D workflow with Maya, Client Supervised Sessions and Real Time Mixed-Resolution Interaction.

2D/3D Animation

LZRD has established new in house departments of Design, 2D animation and 3D animation services through a comprehensive suite of skilled, creative, and technical designers with the best equipment and most qualified human resources. LZRD proudly deliver sophisticated hands-on comprehensive expertise to cover the vast areas of Design, 2D and 3D Animation and with unmatched scalability.